Club Championship

The Junior and Senior club championships are contested via accumulated points over a series of Scottish triathlon and duathlon races.

2020 Core Events list

Date  Senior Core Events  Junior Core Events 
12/01/20    Westhill Duathlon 
26/01/20  Banff Duathlon   
09/02/20  Huntly Duathlon   
23/02/20    Inverurie Duathlon 
08/03/20  Aboyne Duathlon – Long  Aboyne Duathlon – Short 


08/03/20  Glasgow Aquathlon   
22/03/20  Knockburn Duathlon   
12/04/20  Huntly Sprint   Huntly Super Sprint or Aquabike 
03/05/20  Peterhead Sprint or Aquabike  Peterhead Super Sprint 
17/05/20  Banff Standard   Banff Super Sprint or Aquabike 
31/05/20  Knockburn Sprint  Knockburn Super Sprint 
05/07/20  Turriff Sprint or Aquabike  Turriff Super Sprint 
12/07/20  Monikie Sprint   
19/07/20  Inverurie Sprint   Inverurie Super Sprint or Aquabike 
25/07/20  Loch Lomond Beastie Sprint Cross or Aquathlon  Loch Lomond Beastie Super Sprint Cross 
26/07/20  Forfar Sprint  Forfar Novice 
02/08/20  Westhill Sprint or Aquabike  Westhill Super Sprint 
15/08/20  Loch Tay Sprint   
06/09/20  Knockburn Standard   
20/09/20  Huntly Standard or Aquabike  Huntly Sprint 
20/09/20  Aviemore Cross   Aviemore Cross 
25/10/20  Banchory Duathlon   
  Any Aberdeenshire Aquathlon (max one to count)  Any Aberdeenshire pool Aquathlon (max one to count) 
    Any Aberdeenshire Open Water Aquathlon (max one to count) 
  Any TPT hosted race (max one to count)  Any TPT hosted race (max one to count) 
TBC  Moray Firth Sprint  Moray Firth Super Sprint 
TBC  Kings Aquathlon – Long  Kings Aquathlon – Short 
TBC  Dundee Aquathlon   
TBC  Balmoral Duathlon   
TBC  Ming the Merciless Duathlon – Long/Long  Ming the Merciless Duathlon – Short/Short 
  Any ‘well attended’ but unlisted race1 (max one to count)   
  Any Scottish / British Champs   
  Any Half Ironman (max three to count)  Any Half Ironman (max two to count) 
  Any Ironman (max three to count)   

1Any unlisted multi-sport event where 5 or more TPT members compete in the same race.

Event Base Points 

Each event competitors are allocated points depending on their finishing position from current TPT members. Points are awarded as follows: 

1st – 80 pts  

2nd -75 pts  

3rd – 70 pts 


8th45 pts. 


In the event that more than 8 TPT athletes compete at the same event all further competitors will score 45 points.  



Event Bonus Points 


Each of the following carries a bonus of 2 points. Bonus points are cumulative. E.g. Winning the race overall would also score points for winning age-group, overall podium, age-group podium and overall top-10 place, giving a total of 10 bonus points. 

Win the overall race. 

Win age-group. 

Overall podium place. 

Age-group podium place. 

Overall top-10 place. 


The maximum score from any single event is 90 points. 


Season Bonus Points 

Each of the following carries a bonus of 5 points. E.g. completing multiple Iron-distance events in a season would still only score 5 points.  

Marshall at any TPT hosted event. 

Complete any TPT hosted event. 

Complete any Ironman / Iron-Distance triathlon. (Senior only). 

Complete any Half-Ironman / Middle Distance triathlon. 

Complete any Standard Distance triathlon.  

Complete any Sprint Distance triathlon. 

Complete any Novice Distance triathlon. (Junior only). 

Complete any Duathlon.  

Complete any Aquathlon. 

Complete any ITU or ETU qualification race or qualify for Ironman Kona. 

Complete any Scottish / British Championship race. 

The maximum score from any single athlete scoring all Season Bonus Points is 50 points. 


Total Score 

The combined total of Core Event and Core Bonus Points, as above, will be each Member’s score for that event. The best five combined scores are added to Season Bonus Points to give the Member’s total score. 

The maximum score for any individual is 500 points. (90 Race Points x 5 races plus 50 Season Bonus Points). 

The Senior Champion is the Member with the largest number of points obtained in the Senior events for the current season. Note that the Senior Champion must count scores over a minimum of two different events / distances.  

The Junior Champion is the Member with the largest number of points obtained in the Junior events for the current season. Previous Junior Champions are excluded from the Junior Championship. The Senior winner in the season is excluded from winning the Junior Championship in that season but is eligible for future Junior seasons.